training our cattle dog puppy

Training our Cattle Dog Puppy

training our cattle dog puppy

I would like to thank The K9 Centre  so much for all the help in training our 5 month Cattle Dog and 15 month Labrador.  Our Labrador is quite placid, but when we received our Cattle Dog pup we got a shock.  She was pretty good at first for a pup, then starting to bite the kids and be nasty to Mattie our Lab. This is our first time in owning a Cattle Dog and I was warned to watch out for their nastiness especially around children. Your training technique is fantastic; you have been so patient with not only Chloe and Mattie but also with me. You have got a disobedient, hyperactive pup into a manageable beautiful little dog to be around and to take walking. The best thing about your training with Chloe is that you did not change her personality. Even the improvement with our Labrador is wonderful.

I would highly recommend the K9 Centre and its K9 Training methods

Thank you again.

Diane Mepham

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