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Training our Naughty Beagle x Cavalier – Jack

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beagle cross cavalier needs dog training help

When I first met our trainer from the K9 Centre I had an 8 month old Beaglier who loved to give me a run for my money. He could barely sit or lay down let alone not eat, dig or pull on the lead every time I tried to take him for a walk.
After a couple of sessions with K9, the difference in Jack was incredible, with just minimal pressure Jack would sit and lay down. Every time I met with our trainer he was always able to answer all my questions and help me with any issue I was having no matter how big or small it was. Jack has learnt so much from the time we spent with them and I highly recommend this training anyone.
So once again Thank you very much to The K9 Centre, Jack & I appreciate everything!

Yours sincerely,

Shari Ticehurst

Shari Ticehurst

Brisbane, Queensland

Call: 1300 225 559

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