Training Sabre my Naughty Dog

naughty german-shepherd-that needs a lot of dog training brisbane

Dear K9 Centre

Thank you once again for the wonderful training and transformation you have achieved with Sabre during her 10 day K9 BoardSmart Program.

We were thrown out last year of other dog training schools because of her obstinate and unruly behaviour, generally being very disruptive of learning and not
following instructions.

I have read lots of books, listened to video programs, tried everything but nothing really worked with my boisterous pup.

Now at 2 1/2 years I am amazed at the results and progress you have achieved with my companion.
I have also made numerous inquiries around the Brisbane region, North and South and found that many trainers used really rough methods like choker chains etc, and I would not have any of that, and am very pleased to have found that you use such gentle techniques with such amazing success.

I am trully pleased with the results you have achieved with Sabre and would recommend you to anyone with a disobedient dog such as mine was.

I am looking forward to doing more training with you in the future.
Cheers, Irene Pap

Because Dogs Dont Come With Instructions
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