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Waterproof Ratings F.A.Q.s

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Waterproof Ratings Explanation for Handhelds & Dog Collars

Water Resistant/Weatherproof – protects from Splashes and rain/showers. Safe for cleaning in fresh water. 

1 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Dog Collars – protects from Splashes, rain and swimming (up to 30 mins) in normal fresh water. It is not suitable for prolonged or continuous immersion or high-pressure water jet cleaning

1 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Handhelds – protects from Splashes and rain. Not for swimming or diving.

10 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Wearable – protects from rain, snow, swimming, diving into water (short time), Snorkeling and high speed watersport. It is not suitable for Scuba Diving.

10 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Handhelds – protects from rain, snow, swimming, diving into water (short time), Snorkeling, high speed watersport and scuba diving. It is not suitable for diving under pressure over 10ATM.

IPX7 – Protected from immersion in normal fresh water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins. 

IPX9K – The highest water resistant rating – protection against “high pressure and temperature water jets”. It is only available on Dogtra 1900s, 1902s and 1900s handfree dog training systems.

Salt Water all the products classified under waterproof are NOT salt waterproof (marine proof). Products will need to be cleaned by fresh water after using. Manufacturer warranty/guarantee would not cover salt water damage/corrosion.

Replaceable battery products (including rechargeable products) – weatherproof/waterproof is only guaranteed when the product is in perfect sealed condition. Product warranty is not valid when not installing the battery back to the product properly – if you didn’t screw the cover back on properly (gap between covers), weather seal is moved/damaged when replacing battery, recharging port is not covered/closed properly etc.