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What Dog Training Technique Is Right For Me?

MANY dog training options available, Just ask what we can do for you and your best friend!

Dog Training?

The first thing we need to talk about is where your mindset is at.. We all have preconceived ideas on everything in life and whether we like it or not all of our responses to information are based in the complicated web of programming we have received over the course of our life.
Now let’s transfer that line of thinking to dog training. If I told you that you should train your dog a certain way what are the hidden conditioned responses you hold that might counter any suggestion? Are there any? What are they? Why are they there?
So let’s then ask how valid those belief systems are. What can you benchmark those beliefs against? What experiences have you had with dog training that validate those beliefs? When you really take some time to think about them are they validated in any way? If they are validated is it in a good way? Did you achieve the outcome you wanted to achieve? Was it a positive outcome/experience. If not do you have the ability to try something else? Have you been shown throughout your life how to have an open mind? What if the techniques that I am suggesting work even though they go against a belief you hold that may or may not be validated.
So before we really try to decide what dog training technique works for you you should really ask yourself what beliefs do you hold around dog training? Armed with that knowledge you can then ask your trainer about the different techniques on offer and then see if they are going clash or compliment how you feel. Its a starting point for conversation. It can help give clarity to what you believe you need for your dog and your training situation.
With all of my clients I will ask the hard questions. I will dig deep and try to sort out the human mindset and where it stands on techniques etc before I work with them and their dog. The dog’s behaviour is the manifestation of many things, the most influential of those things is the owners mindset.
So which technique should you use? I answer by saying I will use the technique that will help us achieve the quickest desirable outcome. The question you should ask is how will my mindset affect the outcome?

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