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What is the Dog Training Franchise Program?

MANY dog training options available, Just ask what we can do for you and your best friend!

The K9 Centre - Dog Training Franchise Company - K9 ProSmart

Where are you on the dog training journey? Maybe you’re a dog owner showing your dog tricks just because it’s fun.  Or maybe you’re one of those dog owners who are not happy with just training your own dog you also fix up the neighbour’s dog issues in your spare time. You might already provide dog training services or you might be an experienced dog training professional looking for a different way of doing things. 
Wherever you are right now we would love to help you as you transition to becoming a franchisee of The K9 Centre as we will soon be offering our first stage Franchise Program. This is a Franchise Program that, regardless of your experience, centres around your personal and professional development to becoming a dog trainer. I will be your trainer and Franchisor but more importantly I will be there with you as you navigate your way into your full potential, as a valued dog training franchisee of The K9 Centre.
I provide a program of education and support that focuses on what you need, so you grow your business and build a solid trusted name in this demanding profession. This is a new offering under our scope of services and stems from the continuous enquiries I receive on how can someone become a professional dog trainer.
The roll out of The K9 Centre Franchise Program will be well planned, with a priority on not overstretching ourselves in the important support we need to provide. Each potential franchisee applicant must go through a series of application steps designed to ensure that you and The K9 Centre are both a good fit for what should be a profitable and enjoyable relationship. Because of the stringent early application processes we can ensure that each franchisee will be a supportive and highly valued member of The K9 Centre team.
This is not be discriminatory. It is so each franchisee as a team member of The K9 Centre will benefit from, and be a benefit to, the other franchisees. everyone wins with this mindset. Learning is optimised in both the business management and service delivery sectors. We will remain fully compliant with the Franchising Code of Conduct and welcome any comments or feedback at anytime that will benefit the The K9 Centre Franchise Group on the whole. My role as your Franchisor is to be a sounding board for you. There will be times when robust discussions will be had. You will be tested, as will I, but the outcome will be positive for us both.
I have developed a solid, adaptable set of educational systems, you can follow to ensure you build a fantastic service scope for your clients, while building a business you will love. Trust the system. The key to a well respected dog training business is how robust and proven the system of service delivery is, which of course should be facilitated by an equally stable, consistent and knowledgeable dog trainer. Developing your “own way of doing things” will happen but it sill be underpinned by a proven system designed from my 30 years of lessons learnt in the industry as well as your interpretation and application of it within your daily practice.
At the end of the day the true measure of a competent, professional dog trainer is whether or not they can help the client with their dog related problems or requirements. I’m here to help.
So thank you for your interest in the Franchise Program. If you want to know more please contact us.

I look forward to working with you.
Thanks in advance,

Martin Dominick


If you think a K9 Centre Dog Training Franchise is the opportunity you have been looking for then we are happy to provide you with more information. The next step is to submit your information in the form below, fill out the required information and then we can arrange to have one of our franchisee recruitment team contact you.
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